April Webinar Series - IAC Acoustics Introduces A Complete Line of Acoustic Test Facilities

IAC Acoustics offers a complete line of acoustic test facilities including anechoic and reverberation chambers. The purpose of an anechoic chamber is to create a free-field environment without noise interference or sound reflection. For a free field to exist with perfect inverse square law characteristics, room boundaries must have a sound absorption coefficient of unity at all angles of incidence.

This webinar will include a complete review of our Microdyne Anechoic Chambers, Macrodyne Reverberation Chambers and our Metadyne Anechoic Wedges.


Here are the dates & times for a 30 minute webinar:
  • • Friday, April 12th at 2:30pm EST
  • • Wednesday, April 17th at 2:30pm EST
  • • Wednesday, April 24th at 2:30pm EST

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