Reverberation Chambers


IAC Acoustics has been building anechoic chambers for some of the largest bluechip companies in the world. From testing household appliances and electronic components to measuring the acoustics of generators and industrial machinery, we have created some of the best performing anechoic chambers across the globe.

In addition to providing the acoustic treatments in order to create an anechoic facility, we are also able to supply the following products / services:

  • Acoustic doors, including:
    • * Single leaf
    • * Double leaf
    • * Wedge basket
  • * Silent ventilation system
  • * Vibration isolation
  • * Cable / removable floors for fully anechoic facilities
  • * Complete facility commissioning service


  • Acoustic enclosures from IAC are suitable for a variety of industrial applications and uses that include:

    • * Compressor Enclosures provide a simple and cost effective solution for noise reduction of air compressors.
    • * Diesel and Gas Generator Enclosures are an effective shield from noise-making generators and machinery.
    • * Personnel Noise Shelters provide outstanding noise reduction and create a quiet comfortable workspace for staff at the heart of any manufacturing or industrial operation.
    • * Sliding acoustic covers contain noise emissions from industrial plant and allow easy access during maintenance or replacement. One person can manoeuvre the sliding sections with ease.
    • * Soundproof Observation/Control Rooms and Offices provide staff with a quiet working environment and protect them from the risk of hearing damage due to noisy plant and machinery.
    • * Test Cells protect test engineers from noise emanating from routine production line testing of products and components.