Acoustic Anechoic Chambers


IAC Acoustics has been building anechoic chambers for some of the largest bluechip companies in the world. From testing household appliances and electronic components to measuring the acoustics of generators and industrial machinery, we have created some of the best performing anechoic chambers across the globe.

In addition to providing the acoustic treatments in order to create an anechoic facility, we are also able to supply the following products / services:

  • Acoustic doors, including:
    • * Single and Double Leaf Doors, STC 51-64
    • * Silent Ventilation Systems

    • Chamber Options

    • * Variety of absorptive treatments
    • * Metadyne perforated Metal Wedges
    • * Microdyne Foam and Fabric Wedges
    • * Planarchoic Flat systems
    • * In addition to providing the acoustic treatments, in order to create a predictable test environmnet, we are also able to supply the following products/services: Factory pre-assembled Test Enclosures or Field Installed Systems
    • * Single leaf
  • * Vibration isolation
  • * Cable / removable floors for fully anechoic facilities
  • * Complete facility commissioning service