Acoustic Test Facilities

IAC Acoustics offers a complete solution to all types of acoustic test facilities


Since 1949, IAC Acoustics has designed and constructed thousands of acoustic test facilities including several hundred small anechoic and reverberation chambers. These controlled environments encompass a wide range of performance specifications — from simple quality control requirements to elaborate high precision acoustic measurements.

Turnkey Suppliers

IAC Acoustics has successfully carried out a number of turnkey acoustic test facility projects around the world. As a turnkey supplier, everything from the initial concept design through to the final commissioning is carried out by IAC Acoustics. As part of the turnkey process, IAC Acoustics will also be involved in:

• Planning applications with local authorities
• Noise surveys and acoustic mapping
• Architectural design of buildings
• Mechanical and electrical installation design
• Appointing reputable sub-contractors

By opting for a turnkey solution, costs can be consolidated via one single supplier, reducing overall spend and minimizing administrative input. This is particularly effective if many different acoustic facilities are being installed at one location or if a complete building is required.

Construction of Anechoic Rooms

For anechoic rooms to function well, a number of acoustic, mechanical, electrical and aerodynamic considerations apply. These will include some, or all, of the following:

• Anechoic treatment selection
• Cut-off frequency
• Internal acoustic ambient noise level
• Noise reduction
• Vibration isolation
• Silenced ventilation system
• Acoustic doors — operating & sizing
• Interior floors — cables and/or gratings
• Lighting & electrical systems
• Overall structural design considerations
• RF shielding requirements